Gigantic Army: A Tribute to Giant Lumbering Robots


Being a tribute to the days of 16-bit mech shooters, such as Metal Warrior and Front Mission: Gun Hazard, Gigantic Army isn’t trying to be original, it’s trying to be good. Thankfully, for the both developers and the players, it succeeds at just this by combining solid controls and fun gameplay mechanics, but it does have issues.

While it is developed by the same people who brought us SATAZIUS, it doesn’t feel quite as overwhelming at times; there’s rarely a ton going on at any given point on the screen while playing Gigantic Army, but it’s more difficult to deal with bullet-hell style scenarios when you’re stuck on the ground. For those that weren’t around to play video games in the 1980s, or didn’t have interest back then, there were a large number of games based around traveling in a completely linear line, from point A to point B, while shooting a ridiculous amount of enemies. Some of the most well-known are Contra and Metal Slug, but there were also quite a few involving mechs like Cybernator.
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Agarest: Generations Of War – Creating Soldiers For The Future


Agarest: Generations of War is a strategy role-playing game initially developed in Japan, by Idea Factory, and eventually localized for the western market by Ghostlight. The game is based on a long, fairly drawn out, storyline that spans five generations and uses a tactical turn-based combat system.

Initially released on the Xbox 360, there were multiple improvements done to the Steam PC release. “To make sure the PC port is as good as it can be, we enlisted the help of numerous beta testers and their enthusiasm and detailed feedback really helped us improve the quality of the PC conversion leading to numerous changes over the console releases,” according to Ross Brierley, a representative for Ghostlight. “PC gamers will get to enjoy the improved North American translation, rebalanced turn counter and new background images that appeared in this version of the game.”

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Assault Android Cactus: An Intense Twin Stick Shooter

Assault Android Cactus

Witch Beam has managed to put together a truly dynamic arena-based twin stick shooter, Assault Android Cactus, that includes constantly shifting levels, intense boss fights, and beautiful graphics built with the Unity 3D engine. The game is centered around police android Cactus, and her team, as they respond to a space freighter distress signal only to find it under attack by malfunctioning robots. Currently approved for sale on Steam, Assault Android Cactus is still in its “early access” stage, meaning money from sales is going to further the development of the game.

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Megabyte Punch: The Land Of Flying Pixels


Going with an overall retro-theme, Megabyte Punch is a throwback combination of Super Smash Bros., Megaman and Armored Core that uses pixelated graphics and has tons of customization options. Developed by Reptile Games, Megabyte Punch is a platform adventure/brawler game set to release on Steam in the near future.

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Zigfrak: Epic Loot Meets Space Exploration

zigfrak main

Being a large-scale space-based indie title on Stream Greenlight, Zigfrak is a massive sandbox, space RPG with a huge emphases on collecting loot. With beautiful Unity based graphics, hundreds of missions, crafting, exploration and tons of items to collect, Zigfrak contains tons of impressive content that was all created by two-person team.

Regarding its aesthetics, Zigfrak really takes advantage of what the Unity engine has to offer and creates a stunning 3D environment. Each planet provides a visually unique battleground, ships turn into fiery explosions, weapons actually look destructive and the nicely rendered ships and docking stations really add to the atmosphere.

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